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About Dawn Duncan, Founder/President


Yellowbright was founded by Dawn Duncan in 2012. She is a Minnesota native who has called Colorado home since 1994. Her background includes a BA in English from the University of North Dakota and numerous published works, including news columns, magazine articles, corporate websites, e-books and ghostwriting projects, and specialized marketing pieces.
Dawn is an experienced business owner and consultant known for her quick, creative mind and who offers her expertise to companies through innovative writing and marketing, online media, and also training programs. She is a frequently-requested keynote and workshop speaker locally and nationally. Currently, Dawn is in the process of editing her first published book, set for release in 2019, and she enjoys the Colorado lifestyle of cross country skiing, snowshoeing, fitness, biking, and exploring the Rocky Mountains. She is a lifelong dancer and participates in several community 5K and 10K races each year. She is an avid traveler and foodie and "mom" to Czar, a male German Shepherd Dog.
She and her husband, Michael,  live in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

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Finding the sweet spot...

Yellowbright was born on April 1, 2012. Yes, we realize that April Fool's Day may be the best day of the year to launch a new company! We started our agency focused in the music/entertainment world and quickly grew from a one-client PR agency to a management firm and large booking organization. We worked with several musicians and bands throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, NYC, and the Midwest and did this for the first four years in business. We then decided to shift gears in a big way and we moved our focus to the general business realm, servicing the non-profit sector and small companies; these are near and dear to our hearts as we are serial entrepreneurs who also love to give back to our community. Thus, the new age of Yellowbright was born. We still love music, by the way, and are so pleased that we met hundreds of ultra-talented people during our time in the industry! Today, we focus on assisting entrepreneurs and small operations really get noticed through press, events, and stellar messaging and social media. 


All In A Day's Work...

We focus on MESSAGING at the core of everything we do. Whether it's writing creative copy for advertising, proposals, presentations, articles, or client appreciation projects, we are the go-to for unique and creative writing. We are eagles when it comes to editing and are proud to say we are also "grammar nerds!" There is no editing project too large or small for us; give us what you have and we'll make it top-notch.

We love to build CONTENT BANKS for clients, filling up a calendar with exciting and compelling social media posts! Where others feel anxiety, we feel pure JOY. We love social media and are excited to help tell the stories of our customers and their businesses. 

Last, but not least, if you want a pitch written and presented to the media, we're your people! We have a vast network of media contacts and we know what gets read and how to entice editors. Guess what? Our Founder WAS a Managing Editor of a magazine, has been a columnist, and also has worked with radio, TV, video production, and live feed concerts and events. If you want publicity, don't hesitate to contact Yellowbright. We have big mouths and quick typing fingers; we aren't afraid to tell the world about you!